Divorce Is Not Bad?

Why is divorce scary, bad or even traumatizing.

Firstly we must know why we get married. What do we base our marriage on. Well it is good to base your marriage on longevity. When you love someone so much that you marry them, you must both have that understanding that it is for keeps. Your marriage should last forever. 

But what happens if that longevity is cut short? Well that is when we experience divorce. Divorce comes about when we stop communicating, start to cheat on one another, the sparkle is gone, the trust is broken all of which are part and parcel of the longevity of the marriage.

Marriage is a blessing straight out of heaven, divinely set up by God Himself. So when you say "I Do" know that you are saying to our Father in Heaven. God does not do things on a temporary level, He does them on a permanent level. 

So when two people decide to divorce from each other, it is not necessarily because they have stopped loving each other, it could be because the longevity aspect has been tampered with. It is no longer the beautiful full circle it was at the beginning. The circle has developed cracks via mistrust or cheating. So divorce becomes the only way out. Some relationships work better apart, where you take a break from each other for a while. 

Let us not break our circle. Believe that once you're married, it's forever.


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