Finding Love After 50 - Limiting Beliefs

When does love expire?

Or does it? Of course love has no expiry date. Love can find you at any stage of your life. Most women believe that once you start having children, nothing else matters. They feel no one can look at them because their bodies have changed. Because once you have children men will lose interest in you. This is a myth. Love has no age. You can find love even after 6 children, at 60, 70 or even 80. The feeling is the same. 

A woman who is single and probably has children can find love on all sorts of places. She can join a gym, go for an outing with friends, register herself on a dating site, go on a blind date, anything at all. Love is everywhere. Even as you are walking on the street, driving, cycling or even shopping, love can surely find you. 

So do not limit yourself with the belief that you are not worthy of love because one relationship didn't work out. Believe in yourself, tell yourself you are enough, you're worthy, love yourself. When you love yourself, you attract others to love you too. Self-love is the first step to finding true love. And remember we don't "fall in love" we "are in love" when we meet someone we love.

In ending, I would like to say that each one of us deserves to be loved. We all need someone to love. And so let's find love or allow love to find us. It's never too late!

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