How To Have A Healthy Relationship

First and foremost, let me emphasize the point that you don't have to change anything about yourself if you want to be happy in your relationship. If you have to struggle in order to find a partner then you have a problem. Being your true self is more attractive than trying to be who you are not. Know that you are loveable and beautiful just the way you are. You are enough and no one can make you whole because you already are. I hear people saying I need to book an appointment for my butt implants, or my boob job. Come on people whom are you putting your life on the line for?

If he doesn't love you for you, then he is not for you simple as that. Move on to the next one. A lot of women have gone to lengths unimaginable trying to look "good" for men. It is not necessary, give yourself some good loving, love yourself so much that men will start to ask if they need an appointment to meet you. 

When I turned 40 and 6 children later and single, I realized that the only the younger men were interested in me. I thought it was a phase and it's just these young men's hormones playing tricks on them. But as time goes by one realizes that we all need to be happy. Guys my age or older are more like, come let's live together and look after the children together. There's always a catch to that, I came to realize. I am no longer looking for 2 minutes of fame. I want someone who will take me to the end. Relationships are very important but also can be very painful if your in it for the wrong reasons. Do not allow yourself to be changed for the sake of pleasing your partner. Please yourself first then please others.

I'll end here today. Please love yourself!

Till next time, Cheers!


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