How To Keep Or Let Go Off Your Ex

This is a very common occurrence especially amongst women. 

When a woman breaks-up with her man, its not always easy for her to move on. She is caught in an entanglement which can have devastating results for her.

Today's topic is about letting go or going back with the ex. If you follow the following principles, you will be the happiest person ever. 

1. You must be prepared to move from Scarcity to Abundance. What this means is that you have to stop thinking there can never be another like your ex. Thing is you can never be more wrong. If you feel like your ex is the only person who can make you happy, love you, the only one you can have a deep and meaningful relationship with, then you prepping yourself for disaster. You need to come out of that scarcity mode and move onto the abundance mode. In abundance mode you are saying that there is plenty "fish in the sea". What if there is someone out there that is better thank you ex, what if there is a reason for your break-up, girl what if the best is yet to come! When you keep clinging to your ex, then you're in scarcity mode hence deprive yourself of true love. If you keep believing that no one else could love you like they did then that is just a terrible place to be in. Love yourself enough, value yourself enough take a chance on other people. Do you! Just tell that person in the mirror that you are bigger than that, that you deserve better.

After that declaration, you now move yourself to the abundance mode. You now open yourself up for others to take a chance on you. You move to freedom. Here you can start to explore other avenues of finding true love.

2. Dissolve That Attention Cord - meaning that if you focus on your ex, you will never get over him. Get rid of all those photos, reminding yourself of how and where you met. Reminiscing about your first kiss etc. Remember that as you keep dwelling on your ex, he is actually picking up on those vibes where ever he is. He is receiving those signals feeding him with your energy. It is those energies and signals that you now need to sever. Dissolve that attention cord in order for you to move on.  When your ex picks up of these vibes, he will be comfortable knowing that he is always on your mind. Once you cut off all ties, cleanse yourself off of him, stop following him on social media, stop looking at those photos, you will now redirect your thought towards other things. And as soon as you do that and begin to move on, you are now setting yourself for something amazing. You're moving onto the abundance  mode. When he realizes that the cord is broken, he'll start wanting to make contact. A call here, a text there. And that's where you want him if your plan is to get him back. Otherwise, let the games begin!

3.Creating You 2.0 - So as you move from scarcity to abundance and cutting the attention cord from your ex, take that energy and transfer it onto things that you love. Focus on creating a better version of yourself. Join the gym, meet and make new friends, take that course, go on holiday, grow, evolve, take pictures and post on social media. And as you do that you ex will see those pics and see how happy you are without them. He will see you having fun, looking beautiful and doing all sorts of things to grow yourself and with that you create some sort of mystery about you. He will start catching feelings again. He'll be mesmerized, confused and would want to make contact. But you have moved on, you're a brand new being and nothing's gonna stop you.

4. The Reminiscent Open-Door Text - Now let's go back to the beginning:

     i. You have moved from Scarcity to Abundance - You have opened yourself            up.

     ii. You have severed the Energetic Attention Cord with him - You're now a               free agent

     iii. You're evolving yourself by creating YOU 2.0

Now it's time to play the text technique. Go to the place you first met, take a picture of the place. Send it to him and say "remember this?' with a winky Emoji and wait. He will see now see that and it will trigger all sorts of memories of your time together. Remember  you have the power now. You decide to take him back or forget it all together. You are prepared for the outcome as you have been practicing moving from him to others or waiting for him to take you back. At this point, he will either reach out to you and try to patch things up, or he will just remain behind the scenes and watch you from a distance. Either way you hold all the cards. If you want him back you can get him at this stage, if not continue creating that awesome YOU 2.0!

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