What Makes A Man Pursue You

Ladies, this one's for you.

How can you make a man keep coming back for more?

Follow these easy steps to keep him interested:

1. Love yourself, be enough, be contented by who you are

2. Good body hygiene goes a long way

3. Good communication, knowing what to say and when

4. Good manners, respect and humility

5. How you carry yourself

6. Having the ability to know who is worth pursuing and who's not

7. First impressions and being approachable

Now let's break these down.

Firstly you must love yourself and believe that you are loveable. If you don't love yourself, how do you expect to be loved. Believe in yourself and always know that you are enough and that you are whole just the way you are. No one can complete you but yourself.

Secondly, your own personal hygiene. There is nothing so unappealing as someone who does not clean themselves. I mean taking a bath, brushing your teeth and general cleaning of one's body. Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say. You don't want a situation where you meet some for the first time and they get put off by your stinky mouth or your smelly armpits, talk less of your whole body odor. You can't possible meet someone when you are filthy. Get cleaned up!

Thirdly, communication. This is key in getting the ball rolling. You have to say something. I mean it helps to start the conversation. Say "hullo, how do you do?' I'm Paul how about you? Knowing what to say at the right time gives you more chances of being accepted and allowed to continue in your quest. Don't be a blabber mouth.

Number 4. Your manners will get you where you want to get at. If you are ill-mannered no one will be interested in you. Also respect is vital. Respect one another, be humble and that will gain you respect amongst others. Have self-respect and humble yourself and you will have it all.

Number 5. Carry yourself in such a way that people will always wonder what you possess. Dress appropriately, walk nicely and carry yourself well. Behave like you have no worry in the world. Be bold, straight, confident and beautiful!

6. Have the ability to know who you want. Don't just be someone who takes everything at first value. Negotiate, compromise, bargain, get to know the person better. Do that by asking questions that matter. This way you know what you're getting yourself into. Know each other before committing. 

Number 7. You all know that first impressions last. Be approachable but also know that what a person sees for the first time is what sticks. " remember the first time I saw you in that bright yellow dress that went all the way to your ankles, you looked so beautiful," that is why it is important to always look your best. You never know when love will come knocking. Be on high alert all the time.

Lastly don't be a push over. Men love a challenge. Nothing wrong with playing hard to get. Sometime when you easily give yourself to a guy, chances are that they will take you power and start misbehaving because they know you will easily forgive them. Give them a hard time, show then that with or without them you can still stand. But don't over-do it or else you'll risk driving them away for good.

No go find your man!

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